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let's start off with Arron, only one who did the job right. I had to take my car in 3 times. The first time was not because my car wasn't working or had issues but because it had a small leak. They told me that I needed to replace my pcv valve and put some blue devil in my car and it should be fine. I paid for that and was told I would be good to go. Then I drove my car. remember before I went I had no issues at all. Just went in for a small leak. As I am driving my car sstarted to over heat and then my heater went completely out. I was stuck in the cold with my car stuck on the side of the road. This was the day after I got the car back. So I took it back in. Turns out the leak was not fixed like I paid for and took the car in to get fixed the first time. They had to replace my heat tube. So I had them repair it, paid,and went on my marry way. Then the very next day started driving my car. Was still over heating at times but my heater was now fixed, the car would randomly shut off as I was driving. Go figure. They said wait to see if it continues then bring it back. It was in the shop 2 days later my cooling system light came on saying it was failing, I had to tow my car to the shop. Then this is when Arron comes in, He took the time to actually have them inspect my car for all issues and look into the work that they did to the car to make sure everything was correct. I ended up replacing my water tube, thermostat, radiator cap, I believe that was it. finally my car is no longer over heating and seems to work great. all said in done I paid for a lot more then I wish I did. Spent way to much time bringing it back to the shop. Also got to pay that large labor bill because they had to take it apart 3 times. I shouldn't have had to bring the car in more then once. Arron made sure to be on top if the service to my car and made sure the issues were offically fixed. The chances of me going back are very small, don't want more issues done to my car. customer service is great just not so much of the actually service.


Awesome service! Very helpful, knowledgeable people.


I am a Kidney Dialysis patient I origianlly took my car to 'Mikes Small Engine Repair Service', located in Sherwood Or. He caused me to miss 9 appointments due to the owner Mike Laundry not working with us and over charging for work he didn't even do. Honest1 completed the work and went above and beyond to get work completed for us just so I can make my next medical appointment and not miss any others. They even gave us the vehcile while they waited for the check to clear knowing they money wasn't there yet. They the whole crew worked over time just for us Vet's they treated us like we were the most important people in their shop. We will recommend them and take all our work to them!


Thanks so much for your help in my urgent situation. I know a headlight is small in the whole scheme of things, but it was huge to us.

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